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Pronounced sw-OH-vuh

"Swova" is a convienient abbreviation of "swear to Jehovah," Jehovah being God. It can appear as a question or a statement, noun or verb. If someone makes a "swova," they are usually placing their credibility on the line, similar to "swear to God." If someone "swovas" something and lies/is wrong, it is referred to as an invalid swova. A build-up of invalid swovas over a period of time leads to lack of credibility. You can also prove people wrong of their swovas.

It can also be used to ask your friend if they would have sex with a girl you see. (see examples)
Joe: I saw a car accident yesterday.
John: Swova?
Joe: Yes, I swova.

Hot girl walks by.
Guy #1: Swova you wouldn't? (Meaning swova you would not have sex with her)
Guy #2: Noooooo. I swova I WOULD. (meaning no, I swova I would have sex with her)

Greg: I swova he said that.
Tyler: We have the conversation recorded and he never did say that...another invalid swova.
by Some Italiano July 20, 2005
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