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When you have a raging boner in a very awkward situation, this is the most effective maneuver to hide your stiffy. Simply swoop the shaft to the side and then tuck it up. Poof, no boner.

This can be used in many situations and is nearly foolproof.

By fat the most effective of the boner hiding techniques.
1. Bro 1: Dude I got a raging boner in front of Jenny the other day
Bro 2: Did she see it?
Bro 1: Nah, I pulled off the swoop and tuck beautifully.
Bro 2: You are a fucking legend.

2. Douche: The swoop and tuck was really hard to pull off today since I was wearing skin tight jeans.
Bro: Shut up, you pantsy.
by lunatic7 January 21, 2012
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