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1. To look fancy
2. a full rotation in a chair (not a rotating chair)
3. A whorestitute
4. yes. we did say whorestitute
6. 5 was swolved
7. an illegal move in a monopoly game
8. an aligator's left foot.
9. an aligator's right foot.
10. a word with too many definitions
11. A swear
1. he looks really swolve today
2. I just swolved the shit outta that chair (I'm black, it makes me swolve)
3. my ex-gf is such a swolve.
4. yes.
7. asshole, you won by swolving.
8. wtf?
9. yeah.
10. Swolve
11. SWOLVE YOU, you swolving son of a swolve
by whore-hey-pimplefuck April 18, 2008
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