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Euphemism for "Asshole", observationally derived both from them the holes in Swiss Cheese (see also "Swizz chessed up") and from "swizzle stick", a useless throwaway itemsused to stir drinks, mix glue, or pick noses. Can be contracted to "swizz". A swizzole that is engaged actively practising the art of being themselves can also be described as a "swizzard". Adjectivally, can be used as "swizzant" Compare with the Romany "chev", also meaning "asshole"
"Fuck you, swizz!!"
"Look at that kacker over there. What a fucking swizzard!"
"You open your mouth again, and I'll shove this right up your swizz!"
"Don't be so swizzant high and mighty with me, fuck face"
by swizzbo March 05, 2004
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