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1) Swill in the form of a disgusting person's dictate.

2) In the way the ventriloquist can speak and make his voice sound projected from objects in the vicinity, the swilloquist speaks and the words that come out of his mouth are like the fragments of table scraps and onion peels, shit that is fed to pigs. Piggish people, untermenschen, are often fans of the swilloquist celebrities. U2 faggots, Priests, Angelina Jolie, Heidi Klum, any famous nigger that comes to the top of my head, how about Morgan Freeman as a good representation of black folk? Any White who advocates multiculturalism or is anti-racist. Christians. Kikes. People who watch Dr. Phil. Any dead person who can still get a jewess cunt drenched from promoting in fervently ecstatic paroxysms.
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Hell is a jew-free zone. Being a White Man in jew supremacist heaven, (zion after death), would be like going to a country club prison but you have to put up with all the hideous shylocks, kibitzing to and fro. Once a jew becomes a good jew, it is immediately locked away in heaven forever. You may want to consider not acting christ-like, in order to save your eternal soul from echoes of kvetching swilloquist vermin, the Great American Kike Smoke-Out of 2012 is a hot topic of their snarky snivel.


Always Remember to Learn and Retain:
"You ask me to say I forgive and forget. I'm sorry, but I am unable."
by JDGtheTV January 18, 2012
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