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swe – kwity: NOUN (I would have entered the e with line above it, but didn’t know how)

Exertion of effort, resulting in accomplishments, through ones perspiration.
1. exertion of physical power: It will take great deal of SWEQUITY to make the investment worth it.
2. an earnest or strenuous attempt: A good deal of SWEQUITY will be necessary to keep to the schedule and stay on budget.
3. something done by exertion or hard work: I thought it would be easy, but it required a lot of SWEQUITY.
4. the amount of exertion expended for a specified purpose: the SWEQUITY expended on the remodeling of the home to make a profit was overwhelming.

Origin: 2008 EARL BITTINGER, USA, Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, Swatara Township, Rutherford, Reliance Hose Club, 67th & Derry Street, middle bar stool @ 2:30 PM, Saturday, October 25, 2008. Earl was drinking a Coors Light. Witnessed by Scott J. Fonner, author, drining a Yuengling Lager, and Richard Oyler, The Crabman, (Crabby), drinking a Budwiser.
by Scott J. Fonner October 27, 2008
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