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The opposite of weaksauce:
1.something that is cool.
2.someone that is cool
1. "oh that's so sweetsauce."
2. "She is so sweetsauce"

Can be used as "sweetishsauce" or "coolsauce"
by lora June 09, 2004
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something that you are agreeing with or that you like
Do you want to go to the movies?
answer: sweet sauce
That store was so sweet sauce
by Evyn March 07, 2006
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something that is amazing in all respects
It's pretty sweet sauce when you buy me a water ice and I didn't even ask for it.
by TheSierra September 04, 2007
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When something happens that is at once both sweet and saucy, it becomes sweet sauce.
"Dude, I just burped the entire Romanian alphabet in a blues scale."

"Sweet Sauce!"
by Chris Burrows March 10, 2008
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A term used as a response after hearing a yes answer. An extension of the word sweet!
Sweet sauce! Is the highest form of recognition when a someone agrees to do something with you. Only real mother f$&king Gees use this word.
John: Oi brah what time you bringing the cocaine?
John's Dealer: soon cuzzy 5 min
John: Sweet sauce!
by Delstoyer January 10, 2017
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