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This sex move requires you to find yourself a nice Swedish woman. and break her hib bones pushing one up and one down. Break both legs and bend them opposite one another, Similar to a helicopter. Insert your phallic member inside her body at this point. Proceed to raise your hand and grip tightly. Thrusting your arm into her collar bone effectively breaking it. at this point punch her in the throat making it difficult for her to breathe but not hard enough to make it impossible. If she moans of pain you punch her hard in the clit if she moans of pain again repeat Until she falls unconscious. at this point Go berserk on her ribs until each is broken. at this point obtain your knives and create no more than 3 stab wounds in her abdomen. Pull your phallic member out and insert it into one of the stab wounds. proceed to fuck said wound as it will be tighter than any pussy and nut in 3 minutes. at this point sprinkle tomato sauce and cheese. Creating the Swedish banana pizza.
Prisoner 1: What are you in for?
Prisoner 2: I gave my girl a wicked swedish banana pizza
by Adrianusssss12 February 27, 2017
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