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A multi-functional blazer made from sweatsuit material that stems from the athleisure movement of wearing sweatpants to work and calling them classy. The Swazer can both act as a dressed up work-appropriate blazer, an après work work-out jacket, or a warm and cozy layer to add to your already chilled out sweatpants and sneakers Saturday ensemble.
Patrick Swayze: Hey man that's a pretty chilled out looking blazer.
Josh: Nah man, it's not a blazer, it's a Swazer.
Patrick Swayze: A Swayzer?
Josh: Yeah, a Swazer.


Mike: Did you see Becca's new Swazer? Man, she has it all.
Miles: Yeah, but I heard she shrunk it in the wash because she thought it was her sweatshirt.
Mike: **Sighs** She was THIS CLOSE to having it all.
by PatrickSwazer June 14, 2016
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