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To be of witness to the attestation of any special male or female's most AWESOME swagger. Most often, the person just knows that he or she has been swaggified due to a third party attesting to others that said male or female has destructiveness. In other words they OWNED the SWAGG!
Example 1: My gorgeous cousin Viktoria was stunningly beautiful in her swaggifiedness.

Example 2: His make-up showed so much awesome talent, that the swaggifiedness of it all made best friend cry like the girl that she was.
Example 3: My swaggifiedness was so limpio (FYI: Limpio is a Spanish word for clean and can also be used in a slang context.) it caused the minions to flee from my very shadow, they had to run off to do a swagg check and alas their swagger was not swaggified so of course they were no where close to my awesome SWAGGIFIEDNESS.
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by Becca_acceB September 23, 2016
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