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noun. the essence of swagger. in a package. usually used when referring to hot males. who have the swagger. not used solely for reference to gang members. Not necessarily physical as aura and confidence.
girl 1- (talking to blind friend) "Girl, did you see his swagger package?"
blind friend- "Damn, I could sense it from over here!"
by swaggerpackersbrikat June 11, 2009
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Swagger packages are for people who have and want the ultimate combination of money, flyness, charisma, and good looks. One who sells swagger packages is fundamentally teaching and giving the buyer an insider's look into how you can have swagger; the buyer, reciprocally, gains more swagger.
"Yo it's DJ Dyber.. still not signed, still wavy.

This is the 50K video. I am the 50k kid... ya digg?
For all you people who are broke, work with me.. get money with me.
I'm selling swagger packages, ten thousand a piece.. just sold like three of them."
by dyberfan February 28, 2010
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