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A swag unit is a group of young people who come together and say: "We will be the cool kids in school this year." Then, they go to the mall and buy everything from the following categories:

o Ripped up Slim Fit jeans
o Baseball caps which have nothing to do with baseball
o Big ass basketball Hi-tops
o Graphic Tees
o Stupid Watches
o Ear piercings (ear rings)
o Condoms (To pull out their pockets at awkward times around girl to pretend they get alot of kitty)

They are completely oblivious to SWAG
Marshette - How was your day at the mall?

Marcella - It was such a wreck, I had to tend to a swag unit....

*Marshette prepares a warm bath and some relaxing tea*


DeJayquan - Yo bee, let's assemble a team, wit nothing but cool kidz in it, ya dig?

Dayrell - Yo yea dat would be tight as shit, we'd be like da avengers....

by DCUOnline October 31, 2013
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