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svickard-an awesome ass german last name.Those with the last name svickard are bad ass they will beat you to death with your own arm if you piss them off.They are also elite ninjas and make excellent assassins.But they are incredibly lovable and are really easy to fall in love with and stay in love with.Svickards are naturally calm and very funny but you hurt their friends or make them mad enough it'll be the last thing u do.If your the one they are defending you should feel incredible safe.
dude,watch out he is a svickard.
by ryuzaki kaizen August 31, 2008
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are bad ass germans.if they are angered it'll be the last thing you do.svickards make excellent ninjas or assassins.svickards are naturally funny and really laid back but if you hurt someone they care for or love it will be the last thing you do.but if your the one being protected by a svickard you should feel incredibly safe because nothing will hurt you while their there
Dude,watch out he is a svickard
by fierfekflames September 07, 2008
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