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Allegedly practiced in growing urban areas as a substitute for cow tipping. Requires at least three people, one person on one side, two on the other. The lone person pushes very hard on his side, and after waiting for the balancing responce from the startled driver, the other two push very hard on their side to overbalance it. Legend has it that SUV Tipping could result the SUV's drivers's death because they could die if prevented from sitting upright for extended periods of time,however briefly forcing a SUV onto it's back will not usually kill them.
After my little town got cityfied the cow pasture next door became a shopping center parking lot full of SUVs instead of cows. Since I could no longer go over there and tip cows at night, I switched from cow tipping to SUV tipping. It is said that SUV drivers often dream while driving and doze while parking. Caution, startled SUV drivers can be capable of hurting someone and a herd of SUV drivers could be even more dangerous.

by ollypharton April 09, 2007
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