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It's when you say "suth" in honor of Kiefer Sutherland. It is most appropriately used after someone else moans or groans or says "oh/aw".

If you're really gay, you can drop a suth bomb after animals or inanimate objects make noise.

The best known way to retaliate against a suth bomb is by saying "kief" in response (a.k.a kief bomb).
(Billy opens the door, makes a loud creaking sound)
Bob: Suth.
Billy: Woah, you're fucking gay for dropping a suth bomb there.

(dog barks at Bob)
Bob: Suth.
Billy: What a faggot. (groans)
Bob: Suth.
Billy: Kief.
Bob: Shit. (utterly dejected)
by kiefsuth August 17, 2011
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