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A sushi'alite is a lightly pejorative term for a member of a social sushi elite, or someone aspiring to be a member. A sushi'alite participates in various social activities that are either held by, or held at popular sushi restaurants. They have no alliance to one restaurant, but tend to go where the crowds go. A sushi'alite spends a significant amount of time entertaining and being entertained at fashionable events attended by others of similar standing.
You may often spot then at the sushi bar, drinking copious amounts of sake. They often annoy the sushi chefs, as a sushi'alite often thinks that they know more about sushi then the chef himself.
They often say things like, "I like tradition sushi." "I'm definitely not one of those people that order California rolls. That's such a rookie move." "Hey, can I actually get a California roll?"
Did you Chiba and Ashley at the party last night? They think they're so special because they're sushi'alites.

That chef was so annoyed by those two sushi'alites sitting in front of him. Did I hear they ordered a California roll?
by TheBrownAsian September 26, 2012
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