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Someone, who only wears brands from Champs Sports, including Nike, Puma, Adidas, Jordan etc, and who actually thinks they are part of a gang. When truthfully speaking just go to school and hang around in their "crew".A surrey thugg can also wear brands such as Ed Hardy.

Surrey thuggs tend to travel in packs called "hindu packs", and can be easily spotted in the corner of hallways at your local surrey high school. Be careful do not alert them or you might get "Shanked".

Surrey thugs tend to use the terms: Rowdy, Hectic, and YOOOOOO

Surrey thugs can also be found at your local zoo.
Caucasian Man: Hey look a Surrey Thug!

Other Caucasian Man: I suggest we stay away from them.

Surrey Thugg: Dont fuck round with the surrey thugs
by A True Surrey thug February 01, 2011
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