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A surprise inspector is the name of a prank which involves 2 or more people who have been detained in separate police vehicles. In order to set the prank up, one person who knows that everything in a police vehicle is being recorded, will speak loudly of their friends attempt to hide drugs or drug paraphernalia, (even though they really didn’t) within his or her own anal cavity. The prank is completed after the cavity search has taken place.
While Derek and Bobby were being detained in separate police cars, Derek said, “Those dumb pigs will never figure out that Bobby hid that tiny bit of tar heroin up his ass! A few hours later... Bobby: “Why you smiling, Derek?” Derek: “I heard you got a visit from the surprise inspector!” Bobby: “I’m gonna F’n kill you Derek!”
by yyuryyubicuryy4me July 07, 2018
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