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surf rage is anger displayed by someone who surfs, bodyboards, kite surfs, wind surfs, body surfs and usually results in threats and possible beat downs. This can be triggered by many thing such as drop ins, over crowded days, territory infringment, localism, poor waves, ect...
jr boy: oi! brah, da next time you drop in la dat, i going false crakk you in da face.

john smith: i'm sorry bother, i didn't see you
jr. boy: brah, you come teif da land, what you like teif da water too, ah?
john smith: chill out man, easy with the rage.
jr. boy: boo le, just wait. we go catch you when you come in, den we go lick you in front of all da chicks.
john smith: easy there brother...easy with the "surf rage"
by jr. boi September 16, 2010
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