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1. Slang term for weed. Or, more specifically, a strain of pot grown in Holland and sold under the name Superpalm.

2. American indie rock band from the mid to late 90s based in Wiesbaden, Germany who took their name from their favorite smokey treat. They produced hits such as "Disenchanted", "Mude" and "Mental Orgasm" and took honorable mention at the Baumholder Battle of the Bands. The band consisted of Mike Gozz, Justin Marteen, Millie Raquez and Nicky Kingley
1. Hey, man, let's go down to the Cricket coffee shop and score some of the funky Superpalm bud!

2. Wow, I was zonked on some good pot and listening to that band, Superpalm...they rock!
by Miloe Monkeyrod June 08, 2007
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