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Adj (pronounced: super-pwn-tastical fenomi-epic-tastical-extrodinary-penus)

Extreme epicness. Something or someone who pwns, is phenomenal, epic, fantastic, extraordinary, and stupendous. Should be only used in extreme rarity, for only few things in existence can deserve this title. super-pwntastical is a word that can be used to describe something that pwns epic hard, and can be used to loosely describe something.

When used right before phenomiepictasticalxtrodinarypendous the power of phenomiepictasticalxtrodinarypendous increases ten-fold. Therefor the use can only used to describe something truly Godly. Abbreviated as Pr (also the periodic symbol of it)

Measured in Frox's. One Frox equals over 9,000 megatons of pure concentrated epicness.
-Not even Chuck Norris can fully deserve the title of being Super-pwntasticaly phenomiepictasticalxtrodinarypendous.

-Chuck Norris, Mr.T, Captain Falcon, Funyuns, Atomic bombs and Godzilla combined together with everything epic in the world just barely equals one Frox.

-No accurate example of a true super-pwntastical phenomiepictasticalxtrodinarypendous exists to date
by Froxadict June 16, 2010
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