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A transformation above the Super saiyan god. It has blue aura and has the same hairstyle like the normal Super saiyan, just the hair is blue in Colour. The power is many times stronger as god ki is used
DBZ fan" Did you know Super saiyan blue is the coolest Super saiyan now?"
Friend" Nope, but it sounds awesome! I'm gonna watch it
by Blue_ssgss March 03, 2017
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It's a fucking super saiyan level with the power of a super saiyan god, with it being called "super saiyan god super saiyan" at first but changed to "super saiyan blue" because why the fuck not?
Some dumbass: Whoa is that super saiyan 5?
Triggered Dragon Ball fan: It's Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, or Super Saiyan Blue you fucking retard. It's a fucking godly transformation and is far beyond any previous level of super saiyan.
by TriggeredFan June 03, 2018
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