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A keener who is a step or two up... or ten.

Much like regular keeners, super keeners like to participate enthusiastically in school and extracurricular activities. However super keeners are the leaders of the clubs, teams, and projects that keeners are oh so proud to be a part of. Super keeners are the most politically powerful students in a school; some even have more influence than average adults.

This doesn't necessarily make the super keener a popular and well known person. Some super keeners are relatively unknown socially within the school but have the most newspaper articles written about them outside. Meeting one of these hidden keeners can be quite the experience as you first assume they're a nobody but later discover they have local politicians on their contacts, and you realize you could be talking to the next prime minister. It can also be depressing as a role-reversal might occur and you will see yourself as the nobody in view of their accomplishments.

A super keener can still make a good friend though, they're usually nice and can help you with extracurriculars. Even if he/she doesn't you should still respect them, you might end up voting for them someday.
super keener: "sorry i can't hang out this week, i have debate club, student government, basketball, green club, charity...

regular keener:"yeah i get it, you've got stuff to do"

bob: "hey i googled wilson's name up, he was in like 10 diffrent articles"

jason: "who? i don't even know the guy"

bob: "he's a hidden super keener"
by JustSomeGuy2012 January 16, 2012
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