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1. (noun) - A person who appears to be gothic, wears black clothes, listens to european black metal (i.e. Gorgoroth)

2. (adj.) - a term used to describe someone or something meeting the above criteria
1. Person A (directed at Person B): "Look at that kid in the Dragonforce shirt."
Person B (directed at kid in Dragonforce shirt): "Sup Jeff!"

2. Person A: "I heard this band the other day that talked about drinking cow blood and sacrificing goats."
Person B: "Fuuuck. Hella sup Jeff."
by notter87 August 31, 2008
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The Devil, Most likely someone on drugs, Gothic, May eat your child's soul, Also known as "Fish"
Hey Look At That Guy, "Sup Jeff.." For Realz,
Listen To This Band.. (listening) "wow Sup Jeff..."
by 0x0x0x0x January 03, 2008
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