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Sungwoon is the most talented member in project Korean boy group, Wanna One yet the most underappreciated. He is the main visual, main vocal, main dancer and also the funniest. He is pretty much friend with every one in the world. He may be small in stature, but is definitely 'big' in other areas. His 2cm thick lips and natural hairless arms and legs will make every girl cry. It's is also advisable to wear eye protection every time you're within 100 metres of him because his flawless glowing skin could blind you. Also known as Seng Un, Ha Fairy and God Sungwoon.
Hey, do you know where I can get the most comfortable bed to sleep on? Oh, you should try to sleep on Sungwoon because the whole world seems love to!
by lee_ March 04, 2018
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A fluffy yet sexy cloud. He can be obnoxious but shy at the same time. He looks like an open book but is actually full of mysteries. He looks full of self-confident, but is actually the hardest on himself Basically, Sungwoon is a human embodiment of paradox and he deserves all the loves in the world and universe.
Sungwoon was so loud but the moment all the attention was on him, he became as meek as lamb. Well, that's Sungwoon for you!
by lee_ February 25, 2019
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