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The sunglasses squad is the best squad you can ever be in. It is fun filled and happy. It usually consists of your friends. If you are lucky enough to be in a sunglasses squad then you will have the time of your life. The sunglasses squad is a squad that can't be broken. The people in the squad are very trustworthy and honest. If you try to hurt any member of the squad then the other members will surely pounce on you. The sunglasses squad is NOT mean. They just care about the members. There is no leader in the squad it is a place where everyone gets treated fairly and equally. If you are never in the sunglasses squad that's okay. Only the best of the best can be in the squad. The squad's logo is a pair of sunglasses. They all carry sunglasses everywhere the go.
Lily: Woah who is that?
Bob: That's the sunglasses squad.
Lily: They sure look very nice and friendly let''s join them.
by OrangesAreTasty May 05, 2017
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