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The result of eating too much of certain foods, like eggs or cabbage. This causes people to have very unpleasant farts, which smell like sulphur. They are usually very quiet, which doesn't give nearby victims a fair warning. However, since they make no sound, it's easy to let one rip in the middle of a crowd and blame it on somebody else. It's recommended you only unleash one in a large and ventilated area, since they can be rather deadly. They also sometimes linger in an area for up to 5 minutes. Use extreme caution when emitting a sulphur fart, unless you enjoy alienating anyone down-wind from you.
Guy1: "I woke up this morning with sulphur farts."
Guy2: "That's what you get for eating 15 deviled eggs."

"I went to the movies last night, and somebody had nasty sulphur farts. But it was too quiet, so I wasn't sure who was responsible."
by rockstarchris September 05, 2006
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