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A not-for-profit music project based out of North Florida, with subject matter stretching to the far corners of the universe. It is devoted to transcendental music compositions, layering instruments with various noises and atmospheric vibrances. It is a gas cloud blooming backward a 3-petaled flower hanging limp behind the ear of god. The visual art corresponding to this work is created for the sleepy parts of your brain, the parts that dare to dream but with no colorful reference. Sleeping giants, if you will. The crucial ligaments of cognition resting under blankets of drone-media on pillows of television screens. Sulfur Monsoon was created to wake you up.
"that dope music project is subterrestrial! it must be Sulfur Monsoon."

"those flowers are blooming on the opposite side of the rainbow spectrum. it reminds me of Sulfur Monsoon lyrics."
by schoolhouse February 07, 2010
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