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Sukaina is an Arabic name meaning beauty and silence. He who is called sukaina will be a cute child most offen with big features such as big eyes or big cheeks. He/ she is a very kind and helpful person with a great personality. Also, Sukaina is an ambitious person with big dreams and if worked hard on these dreams they may come true. He/she are very honest and trust worthy. Sukaina is a fun and enthusiastic boy/ girl but at times could be quiet and very sensitive. This beautiful human has perfect qualities and a great future. He/ she are very soft hearted people but when it is serious they are serious and my be quite a nightmare. They havs a good taste in fashion and have pretty looks. Finally, Sukaina are very talented at singing, drawing, writing ect... Everyone loves sukaina he/ she will havs a perfect relationship and a perfect life
by peanut butter jelly dance November 28, 2014
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A person who enjoys trolling online and creeping people in real life.
A: What were you doing last night?
R: Nothing much, I was bored so I decided to Sukaina a couple of my friends.
by kindersurprise July 01, 2011
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