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A traditional Woodchuck food found mainly in Vermont but found in other northern New England areas and in Quebec by other names. Sugar on snow is when you boil maple sugar but not long enough for it to become maple candies and then pour it onto snow so becomes this soft candy substance.

During the spring months when the sap is flowing, sugar on snow parties are held. In Stowe Vermont the Sugar Slalom is a traditional event held every April for over 70 years as a ceremonial wrap up to the ski racing season and the ski season as a whole where sugar on snow is served in large quantities.
In the spring I prefer sugar on snow to creemees because its tradition.

There's nothing like finishing off a perfect powder day with a sugar on snow party! (because fresh powder makes the best sugar on snow)

Hey kids after practice if you're good we'll make sugar on


those silly flat landers are trying to make sugar on snow with Aunt Jemima
by VermontTim November 15, 2011
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