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The sud shop is a slang term for The Beer Store.

The Beer Store is a corporation owned by the mega-brewers Molson-Coors, Labatt and Sleeman. Despite offering a limited variety of brews from smaller companies, it owns a quasi-monopoly on the sale of beer in the province of Ontario in Canada.
Dude A - What a day, I could really use some suds to relax.
Dude B - That's not a problem. I feel the same way. I'll give you a lift to the sud shop and you can buy us all some brews.
Random asshole - Beer gives me gas and upsets my fragile stomach.
Dude A - Why don't you be a man for once and suck it up?
Dude B - Why can't we all just get along? Get this poor man a gin and tonic.
Dude A - Sorry Dude B, The Beer Store only carries suds. In the province of Ontario, only the Licbo sells spirits.
Dude B - Looks like Random Asshole is shit out of luck.
Duda A - He's up shit's creek without a paddle.
Dude B - That's what I'm saying.
by BirdKiller32086 October 28, 2015
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