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1. Something which sucks in a spectacular way. 2. Way overblown and ultra-cheesy ideas, often seen in marketing and advertising concepts.
The ass monkeys in the marketing department just blew two million dollars on an ad campaign so suck-tacular that you really just have to see it to believe it. I promise you that you will shit in your pants!
by JohnK May 19, 2005
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To be of the utmost of extreme suckiness, so much so that's it approaches awesomeness. (see "craptastic")
That new reality show on Fox was absolutely sucktacular.
by Nickadoo1970 April 16, 2003
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adj; a word used to describe a person, place or thing that sucks to such an extent that it warrants the addition of tacular. A word made from a combination of sucks and spectacular. Something or someone that is spectacularily sucking.
Mona: "Patty look at the dress my mother just bought me."

Patty: "omg, flowers and balloons? and what's with the plaid and polka dot mix?"

Mona: "I don't know, you know my mom, she loves a little vodka with her cornflakes every morning."

Patty: "Well no offense to your wino mom Mona, but that dress is sucktacular."

Mona: "Don't talk about my mom that way you dirty whore"

Patty: "ok"
by Cathi Robertson July 23, 2008
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When an event is spectacular but at the same time has a sucky element to it.
Walking in a blizzard then turning to face the wind is a sucktacular moment.

Getting pounded while surfing on an epic day is sucktacular.
by dman14 December 02, 2012
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If something has gone beyond "that sucks dude", "that totally sucks dude", and has eclipsed in suckiness any other sentence formation possibilities.
You can empathize, or exclaim, "that/this (insert pronoun here) is completely sucktacular"
"Your dog left you, your girlfriend took your job by sleeping with your boss, and your car was stolen ? I'm so sorry Dude, that's sucktacular."


"My girlfriend stole my sleeping with my boss!! This is seriously Sucktacular!"

See also: Craptacular (by same author)
by Pdxgreengirl February 06, 2014
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