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(verb) The act of weaving a bragging statement about something subtly into an image or statement (such as on a social media post) that doesn’t explicitly make a statement about the thing you’re bragging about or is completely unrelated, but it was very purposefully inserted. The content of the subtlebrag is often the real intent of the image/statement, with the image/statement possibly even being made in the first place as a way to brag about the thing while trying to make it seem innocuously about something else. Most commonly used as a way to brag about lifestyle choices and/or milestones such as being engaged, without the explicit attention-seeking nature that everyone now recognizes in humblebrags.

(noun) The statement/image/social media post created when one engages in the act of subtlebragging.

(adj.) A modifier of another term that indicates that the word has been deemed a subtlebrag (usually used in the form subtlebragg-y)
(verb) Ever since her wedding three years ago, Tiffany has been craving the attention and volume of "likes" she once got about her special day, and has used every birthday and holiday as an excuse to subtlebrag about it on social media.

(noun) On Earth Day, Tiffany executed a flawless subtlebrag when she posted a picture of her outdoor wedding with the caption "I love the Earth, but especially this beautiful little piece of it that shared the happiest day of my life with my DH and me."

(adj) "Did you see that subtlebraggy pic Tiffany instagrammed of her hands clutching a Starbucks cup? Beezy knows that Starbucks + nail polish pics are so 2013, she just wants a way to work a picture of her ring into as many social media posts as possible."
by littleface May 15, 2015
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