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Substance Erosion is a process which removes the interesting, new or important part from the content on the web. Two actions are taking place every day that make this possible. First content is created for it’s " clickability" factor. Second, the viewer knows this gimmick but clicks on the link anyway and ends up reading the same depthless, rehashed dribble –void of substance. This process is called substance erosion. Much like the earth's erosion, excessive substance erosion is one of the most significant problems world-wide-Web
Action 1: The Advertiser creates a link“The #1 sign that you might be reading this sentence right now.” Action 2: The Viewer, sees the link knows full well this link is BS but clicks it anyway and is brought to a page with one sentence that reads, "because you clicked on this link" , and a bunch of ways to buy more stuff. The viewer knew the content would be void of substance but clicked it anyway and these actions together cause the process known as substance erosion.
by cava nava June 27, 2015
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