a husband who defers decision making to his wife, also one who submits to his wife's whims, wishes, orders, commands and requests. The submissive husband's main goal in their relationship is to make sure that all her needs are met, both in and out of the bedroom. Often submissive husbands will abstain from sexual release unless directed by the wife. A submissive husband will likely do most if not all household chores in addition to providing pampering services to his wife on a regular basis. One of the main characteristics of a submissive husband is that they have willingly given up control of their marriage in all areas to their wife.
Since re-defining their relationship years ago, Mary had taken on the role of the Dominant Wife and Tom and become the submissive husband. Mary makes the decisions and Tom's main goal is to be the most obedient and mindful husband to Mary.
by happysubbyhubby February 27, 2012
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