Verb, Noun

Verb: The act of putting one's mate into a coochie-coma by efficient usage of your subzero, aka your member, hence third arm.

Noun: Your member, third arm, ice-shooter, blastoise, ice-clone.
I subzeroed dat bitch to sleep last night son
by Panda hence Lemur November 13, 2010
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One word.God!
Two words.Suprime Ruler!
Need more ?
Play Mortal Kombat!
I believe in Sub-Zero ruler
of all that is.
by Alex. February 15, 2005
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An expensive brand of refrigerators for the flashy/throw-money-in-toilet type. It's not the best brand but somehow gets probably the most money.
"Hey, check out my Sub-Zero. It's compensation for my lack of manhood, just like my gun collection."
by Xiner October 05, 2006
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a punk 12 year old who joins a new clan every week i.e. natuzzis brother.
rofl you pulled a subzero
by chris mangia May 23, 2003
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Some one who passes by on the road blasting loud ass music with no bass what so ever.

Some one who cranks the bass up on their stock speakers trying to make the bass loud but sounding like crap.

(zero subs..)
That car is a total subzero
by joshbiatch February 04, 2009
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