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When a person named "suada" or whoever really that is asexual and has no desire for anyone at all what so ever... Male, female or whatever else genders you people created. This individual has eyes only for murderous tendencies. A single drop of blood creates violent images in one's mind, imagination can only go so far. No, it's endless! They are a psychopath.. yes an asexual psychopath who has no interest in humans 3D or 2D or anything else. Thank you, now have a killer day. :)
Person: Ouch, I got a paper cut.
Person 2: Oh my god, are you ok?
Suada: Look at that blood! Its wonderful.
Person 2: Its ok, their only suadasexual its normal for them. They still care about your well being as well.. I think?
Person 1: Uh ok? Thanks good to know, now get me a god damn bandaid!
Suada: Fine, but I want to see more blood still. How rude.
Person 1 & 2: -shake their heads-
by Dex Morgan October 03, 2016
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