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Let me paint you a picture of the creature that is 'Stussy tribe dyke' (STD). Their natural habitat is any gay/rnb club night. One is often left wondering what it is they do for work since they seem to go out every. single. night. You know this because they post all over social media with captions such as, 'squad goals', 'club is lit af' and 'here for bitches'. They usually travel in packs, and their behavior is somewhat akin to an 18 year old boy who has too many hormones, meaning they either want to fuck or fight you and it's hard to know which they pursue more aggressively. You can identify these lesbians most easily by their attire. Think basketball jerseys, timberlands new era snap backs and baggy as fuck pants..anything that Justin Beiber might wear. Most importantly there will ALWAYS be a Stussy Tribe item on at least one, though usually more, member of the pack. Hence the earned name 'Stussy Tribe Dyke.'
Those stussy tribe dykes just came up an ordered 6 wet pussy shots. Let security know someone is getting fucked or fucked up
by wacegrilks May 27, 2016
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