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1 oz. 1980's John Hughes male antagonist haircut.
2 oz. Peanut butter (low budget dog commercial formula) for the presenters mouths
1.5 oz. of vagueness and outdated 1990's spokespeople

A dash of unfair CEO influence

Serve on ice and garnish with the indignation of the NSAC
that stupid drink is going to be hard to swallow
by really?? June 05, 2009
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The drink between drinking and drinking too much.
The drink between awesome ideas and awesomely bad ideas.
The drink that ends your night quicker than picking a fight with the bouncer.
You know you're at your stupid drink when:

-You can't taste your beer.
-You are staring at yourself with a stupid grin in the bathroom mirror.
-Your shot is on fire.
-You're slurring your words.
-You're dancing with an inanimate object.
-You're standing in front of a tattoo shop.
-Someone just ordered the second round of kamikazes.
-You just told someone, "I love you, man."
-You are dancing and you think you look good.
-You are talking about racism, religion, politics, or philosophy.
-You are singing to a terrible song on the radio and you think you are impressing people because you know the words.
-You think you can leap tall buildings and outrun trains.
by realpizzaranman September 21, 2009
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