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Studycramming (v.) ‘Stuh dee ‘craam eng – The act of rapidly and haphazardly attempting to memorize and retain as much information as possible over an incredibly small span of time (usually immediately before and following up to an exam). While it may be a fast way to temporarily retain information to get the best grade possible on an impending test date with a limited amount of time, almost all information memorized while studycramming is forgotten quickly. Such deterioration of this temporarily stored and newly acquired knowledge is usually hastened by such things as TV, AIM, ScottIsHot, sleep, exercise, blinking, and/or kite flying. Studycramming is most often associated with procrastinators. See lazy bum for more information
Sentence1: “I procrastinated on my homework all day I’ll probably spend most of tomorrow studycramming for finals.”
Sentence2: “That class is cake. Two hours of studycramming the night before the exams is all you need to make an A!”
Sentence2: “Hard work pays off in time. Laziness pays off now. Have the best of both worlds by chilling out today and studycramming all day tomorrow!”
by ScottIsHot July 25, 2005
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