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A word used in the gay community.
When a person is so fucked up that they can't function, and they struggle the entire night due to intoxication. Basically- Too many drinks= drunk clumsy struggztini

Struggztini Aguilera - Struggling so hard, but doing it with drama
Struggztini on the Rocks - The point where you are struggling so hard that your basically being drug on your back by your good friend that is trying to take care of you.
What is her deal?

-she had a lot of martinis.
Oh shes being a struggztini.

Dang she is struggling right now in style.

- Yeah! Struggztini Aguilera.
Wow. Can't believe we have to drag her ass home.

- This Struggztini on the Rocks can't even walk.
by AEKEEGZ September 17, 2013
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