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A struggle rapper is a guy who takes rapping super seriously and thinks he’s amazing but his actual rapping skills are average at best. We all know a couple - that one guy from your high school graduating class who is alway on social media promoting his mixtape that he just dropped on SoundCloud that is complete trash, but he swears that “I’m up next bro. Soon as the labels hear me they gonna be fighting over me.” Struggle rappers’ rap names are likely to contain “lil” or “young,” struggle rappers’ are likely to have extremely awful or unremarkable music, and they are almost guaranteed to be broke as shit.
Lil Yung Trashcan: yo dawg just dropped my mixtape on SoundCloud this shit is fire give it a listen!!
Evan: bro get your struggle rapper ass the fuck out my face your lyrics suck
by Anal Intruder 519 March 07, 2018
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