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(n) A person who uses a large amount of performance enhancing chemicals such as Anabolic Steroids. This can refer to someone who takes large numbers of any form of performance enhancing chemicals and is not specific to steroid use.

Derived from the fictional alien race of the same name in the Quake universe. The strogg use a nutritional fluid called stroyent to sustain themselves and enhance their performance. The strogg also use a number of technologies such as cybernetics and prosthetic replacements to increase their abilities.

As such the term can also be applied to those who use those technologies on themselves. It has to be noted however it has strong connotations to enhancement making the term inappropriate to describe people with prosthetics due to disability.
Dean's such a strogg. He's beefed up loads in the past few weeks. He has to be on steroids.

I've got some Ritalin to go strogg for the exam period.

Paul's so pumped up on crap he's gone strogg.
by I3LiP February 09, 2007
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