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Where a team of wizards play a team of witchs at quidditch (standard rules apply). For each point lost, a member of the team has to remove a item of clothing. Due to large amounts of padding being worn by by both teams games are often lengthy and unexciting for the majority of the game. The clothes removed by the players often fall into the spectators, collected by a fan and never seen again. Due to the nature of broomsticks, both teams are permitted to keep their underwear from the waist down (excluding socks) on.

It is often played in college settings or where young wizards and witchs congregate. Strip quidditch often leads to more raunchy magical activities. Due to a court ruling in 1907, playing of strip quidditch by those over 45 is ilegal. Anyone caught playing is fined and stripped of magical powers.
Harry: Corr Ron did you see Hermipne?
Ron: No, why?
Harry: We were playing strip quidditch!
Ron: You lucky sod!

Harry: I've been scarred for life!
Hermione: Why, Harry?
Harry: I've just seen Professor McGonagall playing strip quidditch with Hagrid!
Hermione: *shiver*
by RobBradshaw24 January 02, 2011
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