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The greatest afll player in the league.

Bryan Strauchan by name but famous and everyone calls him Strauchanie! You would know Strauchanie, he plays professional Aussie Rules for in the AFL for the mighty Collingwood Football Club. He joined the pies in 2004 using their last draft pick to chose strauchanie. His first game is just around the corner. Micks saving Strauchanie for the Wizard Cup. Strauchanie! Basically Strauchanies a superstar. He's got the best skills and marking ability the competitions ever seen, with comparisons to Wayne Carey frequently being thrown his way. You might have seen Strauchanstar on TV, he star on Channel 10's before the game. He's basically there for ratings but the exposure is ok he sayss. The kids get to learn from the best and Strauchanie is the best! Seriously, Strauchanie!
Mick goes that they might put Strauchanie in the line up for the wizard cup.
by coinroller May 12, 2007
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