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a town in south australia. it is a hole (both metaphorically and literally) that kids get dragging into by their parents who want a change of scenery. Strathalbyn, much like milang, is a place where you have to dig your way out if you ever want to leave. once you get out of the clutches of strathalbyn, run and don't stop for the love of fuck!

attractions: woolworths, surf n skate, duck park. best street is Parker Ave, and the further out you get, the stranger the people get. Nine Mile road is a two way track to hell, which makes the Milang bus from MCC a giant piece of shit.
kid going in for a job interview in adelaide:
boss: "so, where do you live?"
kid: "strathalbyn."
*boss scribbles out name as potential employee*
by Burn_Like_Sulfur July 19, 2011
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