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(V.): The act of going to a particularly crowded or new place solely to catch new people, fall in love with their stories & then let them go. I find stranger fishing beautiful. It helps you find hope in humanity when you understand how people function. Grab someone new by the wrist and reel them in. Find a stranger and make him or her not-so-strange. Keep in mind that when you stranger fish you have to be selfless. The conversation is more-so about learning about the stranger than sharing your personal stories. First, listen to theirs. Perhaps they may try to stranger fish in return but give them courtesy of your entire focus/attention. I promise you will learn so much.
Shannon is stranger fishing at the park again! She is sitting next to someone alone on the bench, asking how the person is and proceeding to ask what he wants to do in life and why.
Doug is asking that stranger what his inkling is, what that one thing in the back of his mind is that seems so impossible that he always wanted to attain; he must be stranger fishing!
by -the first stranger fisher- November 10, 2013
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