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the dangerous statement to shutup disadvantaged/low status ethnic groups(african american) from speaking out about true racist acts and discrimination against them so advantaged/more dominant groups can get away with treating disadvantaged/low status groups(african americans) unfairly and don't have to face any guilt or remorse

a statement now can be used by low status ethnic groups to fire back and shutup more dominant/powerful groups from playing the helpless minority using their race to get unfair advantages over low status/disadvantaged ethnic groups after telling low status ethnic groups to stop doing
1.person a: i don't trust black people

person b: isn't that racist to say

person a: stop playing the race card, you always get away with that

2. person a: sir, why do you ignore us blacks and treat black people so bad, and not other people

person b: oh stop playing the race card, you people always use that to get your way

3. person a: those blacks get everything, what about our race(more dominant groups), our race made long steps to get where we are

person b: stop playing the race card
by wHaTzYoNaMe May 19, 2017
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