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the pioneer group for Bengali hip is a new sub catigory for desi hip hop. which is hip hop music from the southern asian punjabi, hindi, bengali.some is similar to reggeaton...many of the members of Stoic Bliss live in New York City just like many people from the beautiful, tropical country of Bangladesh....the founder's name is Fuhad..AKA AQ"S finest......their first cd is called "lightyears ahead" they are a big hit in Bangladesh and the bengali and desi urban youth all over the world.......
Them boys from stoic bliss records are really determined to make there songs a both Bangladesh and USA.
by DESI BLOOOD HO April 09, 2006
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Stoic Bliss (Kazi & Ac1D) are the fathers of Hip-Hop in the urban Bengali music scene. Being the pioneers of Bangla Rap, Stoic Bliss ventured into the music industry in Bangladesh in hopes of introducing a new genre to their home country. After shopping for deals, Stoic Bliss signed with music veterans G-Series and released their debut Album Light Years Ahead. The introduction of the new Genre paved its way to create a new platform of music. Bengali audience's world-wide tuned in to greet Bengali Hip-Hop at its purest form with open arms. Hit single Abar Jigay made the groups name and popularity spread like wild fire across every nation. Light Years Ahead sold well over 250,000 copies within the first 10 months, making Stoic Bliss the next big thing to hit the markets of Bangladesh. Through their album, word of mouth and shows their demand increased, hip-hop became a fixed genre that squeezed its way through and found acceptance in the Bengali communities world-wide. What once was an experimental project is now a revolution. Stoic Bliss opened a new chapter and unlocked a passage that allowed other armature Hip-Hop admirers to take stand. Ac1D however, is still the only rapper that can fluently "flow" in Bengali and ingenuously switch back to English. Kazi is the main vocalist/singer in the group with unique vocal play and melodies. When it comes to collaborating to make good music Kazi & Ac1D makes the perfect team. Together, the Combination of singing and rapping demonstrates originality, flow and unique word play that are impossible to imitate. Although there are many Bengali hip-hop groups that released after Stoic Bliss, no one can reach the magnitude of the creator. As if Light Years Ahead wasn't enough to feed the ears of the hungry listeners, Stoic Bliss decided to release their second album Kolpona'r Baire from G-Series in 2007. Stoic Bliss promises that this new album will be ten times betters then the first, and fulfill the hunger of those who couldn't get enough of the first album. "The first album was just an experiment to see the reaction of the listeners, this second album is the real deal. It is the introduction of Bengali Hip-Hop at its purest form, Its not Bangla Rap if your rapping in English and have a Bengali chorus, its Bangla Rap when the entire song is in Bengali " – Ac1D. This current album will set the standard for Bengali hip-hop for generations to come" – Kazi. Although Stoic Bliss introduced Bangla Rap to Bangladesh, it will take a few generations before it is completely accepted by people through out the nation of BD. "Our goal is to introduce perspectives to the stereotypes and show them what we are capable of, Kolpona'r Baire has a little bit of everything. We hope to gain listeners from every type of genre." – Ac1D. Though Stoic Bliss became an international hit, they still have a long way to go before their mission is completed. Until then come experience the legend in the making, see what the streets is talking about, come join us in carrying out this revolution and make Hip-Hop a fixed genre for generations to come… Come Fall In The Bliss…
Come Fall In The Bliss… with Stoic Bliss
by gunitcurtis6 November 18, 2008
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"Double R" (Rajib Rahman) is a middle aged guy from Bangladesh who thought he should go to the States. When he did, he fell in love with the rap genre. So he gathered a bunch of other rap posers who were also from Bangladesh. By bunch, I mean about 12! They called their gang "Stoic Bliss" Then they started writing bullshit rhymes in both Bengali and English that don't even rhyme properly or make any sense. "Double R" composed all these so called rhymes with his only instrument, a keyboard "Korg Triton." Then he mixed them and it was released in Bangladesh. It was an immediate hit, thanks to "rich but stupid" teenagers of the country. If it was released in a developed country like America, it would probably not even sell one copy.
Guy 1: Stoic Bliss is SO COOL! The only rappers in Bangladesh!
Guy 2: But they suck balls.
by Codename 48, aka Hell Saint November 21, 2007
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