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a form of paint ball that you use pump paint ball guns such as cci phantoms, pgps, sniper 2s, and traccer/mavirick paint ball guns. a reason for stock class is accuracy, efficentcy, and plain out more fun to use. using the saying one ball, one shot , one kill. we who play stock class dont use hoppers, dont use co2 bottles, nor do we use regular pods. the guns only hold 10, 15 paint balls but thats all you really need. semi players look at you wierd when you get to the field and have a pump but at the end of the day theyll be bowing to you, and asking what the game plan is. people over look stock class because they think pumping is primitive and sadly enough think its useless. well there wrong, stock class paintball is growing in popularty very fast there are sites dedicated to it and people who play stock class religiously
stock class paintball
kid:hey, are you out of your mind going to a game where they play semi and full auto.
stock class paint baller: no im not crazy. i cheat, i play pump.
by tons of fun September 04, 2005
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